Ironbound Films

As part of SmartStart’s evaluation of Ironbound Films’ The Anthropologist, SmartStart partnered with a local Orange County organization (HBHuddle) on Saturday, June 30 to co-host a general audience screening of the film. The Anthropologist is a film that follows anthropologist Susie Crate and her daughter as Susie travels around world studying the impact of climate change on indigenous cultures. Their story parallels that of renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead, who also spent decades studying how global changes impacts remote cultures. Approximately 45 people attended and 36 participated in SmartStart’s evaluation of the film’s impact on audience members’ knowledge of, attitudes toward, and interest in climate change and the field of anthropology. Ironbound Films is a production company headquartered on the Hudson River opposite West Point Military Academy that creates documentaries for theaters, television, museums, and the web.