Cindy Villavicencio

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April 6, 2019
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May 20, 2019
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Cindy Villavicencio

Cindy Villavicencio
Research Analyst
University of Connecticut
California State University Dominguez Hills

Cindy joins SmartStart with work experience in evaluation and marketing research with a BA in Anthropology, and MA in Survey Research.

Her work experience in evaluation includes working with IRB protocols to translate them into other languages, data management, and report writing. Her marketing research experience includes conducting sentiment analysis and tracking studies, designing consumer feedback surveys, and developing data visualizations.

Her undergraduate work in Anthropology has trained her in ethnographic methods such as in-depth interviews and spatial theory, and has studied the cultures of Mesoamerica and the Arctic and North American Indians. Her graduate work in Survey Research has trained her in evaluation methods such as logic models and needs assessments, and survey research methods such as designing focus group topic guides, writing factual questions for memory limitations, and designing surveys for intercultural comparability.